The Rise of Larger Families


Pro-Christian, Pro-Family

Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

We are a Christian country and we have to emphasize that because currently, under a mainstream liberal media, if you say so you must be very brave. That’s why, very proudly, I want to say again that we are a Christian country and that’s why we have a special responsibility to protect our Christians brothers and sisters all around the world … If we don’t protect them, who will protect them? If you don’t speak in favor of them, who will speak in favor of them?

For us, protecting Christian communities is of utmost importance.

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Hungary’s pro-family culture has resulted in a rising fertility rate for married women which is “winding back the clock” on demographic decline — a trend once deemed irreversible in Europe and used by globalists to justify mass migration from the third world.

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The Social Benefits of Monogamy

Dr. Jordan Peterson:

It’s been a truism among anthropologists and biologically-oriented psychologists for decades that all human societies face two primary tasks: regulation of female reproduction (so the babies don’t die, you see) and male aggression (so that everyone doesn’t die). The social enforcement of monogamy happens to be an effective means of addressing both issues, as most societies have come to realize (pair-bonded marriages constituting, as they do, a human universal (see the list of human universals here, derived from Donald Brown’s book by that name).

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Our Bodies My Choice


The Magical Birth Canal


Legalize Love

Why not?:

‘It’s nobody’s business. Love is love’: Woman, 50, who married her half-brother, 36, after meeting for the first time as adults, reveals she had sex with him on the second date and kept their relationship hidden from relatives for 10 years

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Time to amend our hateful and discriminatory marriage laws again.

Two-Parent Families Matter

Rob Henderson:

One piece of inherited wisdom is the value of the two-parent family. It’s not fashionable to talk about this… But it is not really up for debate that the two-parent home is, on average, better for children…

Here is an example of the success of intact families from one of my psychology classes. The professor asked students to anonymously respond to a question about parental background. Out of 25 students, only one student besides me did not grow up in a traditional two-parent family.

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