Math Scores Plummeting

More than five years after the dumbed down Common Core national standards were implemented across America, scores in mathematics and other subjects continue to plunge.

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Christians Families Forced out of Australia’s Public Schools

This is no surprise. Over a decade ago, one of my children was told by a public school teacher that the government “doesn’t want Christians in the schools.”

Families with deeply religious values are resorting to home schooling their children more frequently, as schools report an increase in religious bullying.

Disgruntled parents cited incidents in which their children were taunted and targeted for opposing same-sex marriage.

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Inside the Ontario Liberals’ Sex Ed Curriculum

LONDON, Ontario, August 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Sexually-explicit scenarios of underage sex, including a homosexual encounter between two teenage boys, were part of an assignment foisted on Grade 9 students under ex-premier Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum.

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More Powerful Than Guns

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“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

~Joseph Stalin~

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Afraid to Speak Your Mind

This quote from William Gairdner accurately sums up my university experience, where only Marxist opinions were allowed to be expressed, and where a Canadian law school was the most oppressive place I had ever set foot in:

I turned and spoke to all the students, instead of to her, and I asked them to raise their hands in answer the following question, to be as honest as they could, and not to be afraid of reprisal from their professors.

“How many of you have ever been afraid to speak your mind openly and honestly in a class at Queen’s University?”

About 40% of the students raised their hands. Just a few at first, while looking around to see who else would dare, then a veritable forest of hands went up.

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State of Ontario’s Teachers

This pretty much illustrates the state of Ontario’s education system. I didn’t encounter this type of behavior until university, but now it has seeped down into lower education:

Sheer Cowardice

“…intellectual freedom is a deep-rooted tradition without which our characteristic western culture could only doubtfully exist. From that tradition many of our intellectuals are visibly turning away. They have accepted the principle that a book should be published or suppressed, praised or damned, not on its merits but according to political expediency. And others who do not actually hold this view assent to it from sheer cowardice.”

(George Orwell, 1953)


The whole article is worth a read and I can attest that the schools are turning our illiterates.  I have been tutoring several public schooled children in my area this past year and there have been several students even up to Grade 6 who are not even reading at a solid grade 1 level.