Deny Natural Law And The Race Will Perish

Defy the commandments of the natural law, and the race will perish in a few generations; co-operate with them, and the race will flourish for ages to come. That is the fact; whether we like it or not, the universe is made that way. This commandment [God’s natural and moral law for the universe] is interesting because it specifically puts forward the moral law as the basis of the moral code; because God has made the world like this and will not alter it, therefore you must not worship your own fantasies, but pay allegiance to the truth.

~Dorothy Sayers, The Mind of the Maker


Bad Manners

Real life in Ireland - or, The day and night scenes, rovings, rambles, and sprees, bulls, blunders, bodderation and blarney, of Brian Boru, esq., and his elegant friend Sir Shawn O'Dogherty; (14765021022)

“Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms such as you have named…but a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”

Robert A. Heinlein, Friday


Relativism and “Might Makes Right”

Ideas have consequences. And bad ideas have bad consequences. One bad idea is that of moral relativism: the idea that there are no objective moral absolutes, and morality is ultimately a matter of personal preference. If there are no objective moral standards which we all can appeal to, then those with the most power end up being the ones who are the most “right”.

The weakest and most powerless end up being the ones who are “wrong”. Thus might makes right, and we have seen this far too often in history.

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The Dark and Murky Night of Pagan Immorality

Dave Miller, Ph.D. from Apologetics Press on the abandonment of Christian morality in the West (he is specifically talking about redefining marriage but his comments apply in general).  This is what American courts used to say:

What is the ultimate outcome of this surrealistic inundation of America by outright paganism and moral depravity? What inevitably must happen to any country or society that enshrines morally deviant behavior by undermining the biblical definition of marriage? The social stability of that nation is placed in dire jeopardy. Its demise is inevitable (see Miller, 2005). Indeed, in 1848, the Supreme Court of South Carolina articulated the sentiment of the Founders and early Americans regarding what would happen to America if a sizeable portion of its citizenry ever abandoned Christian morality:

What constitutes the standard of good morals? Is it not Christianity? There certainly is none other. Say that cannot be appealed to and…what would be good morals? The day of moral virtue in which we live would, in an instant, if that standard were abolished, lapse into the dark and murky night of pagan immorality (City Council of Charleston…, emp. added).

The nation is headed swiftly in that direction. The destruction of marriage will inevitably result in the destruction of the nation.


City Council of Charleston v. Benjamin (1848), 2 Strob. L. 508 (S. C. 1848).

Miller, Dave (2005), “Is America’s Iniquity Full?” [On-line], URL:

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The Moral Compass Of A Psychopath

Students enter my classroom believing nothing is truly good or evil and that moral beliefs are the result of what society says. Their moral nihilism can be seen when they write good and evil with scare quotes—i.e., “good” and “evil”—and when they demonstrate their desire to tolerate any evil imaginable as long as it is practiced in another culture.

Teachers are apparently so worried that moral disagreements will lead to conflicts that they teach that “everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Well-meaning liberal teachers think they are thereby promoting “tolerance,” but they are actually unintentionally producing moral nihilism in their students, leaving them with the moral compass of a psychopath.

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The Pendulum Always Swings The Other Way

1950s poodle skirts

Ask Georgia Vasey which aspects of modern life she disagrees with, and she can reel off a considerable list. Tattoos and piercings? An abomination. Drugs and alcohol? Ditto. Sex outside marriage is demeaning; bearing a child out of wedlock is even worse.

Swearing is so uncouth, and as for those shameless pop stars who parade their half-naked bodies to sell records? ‘I don’t approve,’ she says. ‘They set a bad example to girls and make men think that is what they should expect from all women.’

Georgia might sound like she belongs to a bygone era, governed by moral codes long since abandoned. But she is just 13 years old…

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As Europeans assess the fallout from the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, they face a series of elections that could equally shake the political establishment. In the coming 12 months, four of Europe’s five largest economies have votes that will almost certainly mean serious gains for right-wing populists and nationalists.

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They Can Make You Commit Atrocities


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”