When Eugenics Was Scientifically Proven And Approved

An article showing that science isn’t always “good” or “right” and that history often IS rewritten to suit the interests of the powers that be:

The photos that reveal the horror of eugenics: Disturbing images document a time when those with undesirable genetic traits were sterilised or killed in order to ‘cleanse’ society

  • System of measuring human traits and cutting out the undesirable ones was once practised the world over
  • The first sterilisation law – which stopped disabled people from having children – was passed in the US in 1907
  • In 1931, Labour MP Archibald Church proposed a bill for the compulsory sterilisation of of ‘mental patients’
  • Gruesome sterilisation was often done without the people being informed of what was being done to them
  • All legislation was eventually repealed in the 1940s – and history was then subtly rewritten

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4631996/Haunting-photographs-reveal-dark-story-eugenics.html


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