Are Christians Against Women’s Education?

Not Protestants.  From a Protestant children’s book:

Perrault Leon Jean An Interesting StoryThe translation of the Bible began.  John Wycliffe’s students, led by Nicholas Hereford and John Purvey, used the Latin Vulgate, since Wycliffe, in spite of his many years of study, had not mastered Greek or Hebrew.

“It’s long, slow work,” Arnold explained to Lucy on a visit.

“Teach me to read and write,” she begged, her eyes gleaming with secret intent.

“Girls aren’t supposed to read and write.”

“What would John Wycliffe say to that?”

Arnold opened his mouth to argue, but there was nothing he could say.  He knew very well that Wycliffe wanted women to read Scripture, too.

~Louise A. Vernon, The Beggar’s Bible, page 104.


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