Selling Into Slavery Is Not God’s Law

Further evidence that Christians do not approve of slavery, contrary to the claims of many today.  This is from a Protestant children’s book:

In The Cotton Field., ca. 1863 (5553520314)Arnold could see that John Wycliffe was ready to talk on and on, but Sir Malcolm interrupted.

“All this may be very true, but I have my taxes to pay.  The abbot has made me a good offer.”

“Have you no faith in God?” Wycliffe asked.

“What is faith?” Sir Malcolm snorted.

“Faith is to believe what you do not see,” Wycliffe answered.

“Faith won’t pay my debts.  I tell you, the land must go.”

“What about your bondmen?” Wycliffe asked.

“They’ll belong to the monastery.  They go with the land.  You know that.”

“That is slavery,” Wycliffe responded with spirit.  “Selling into slavery is not God’s law.”

~Louise A. Vernon, The Beggar’s Bible, p. 20


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