Worldwide Demographic Decline

Some points to ponder in light of the overpopulation hysteria being promoted everywhere:


China’s birth rate, one of the world’s lowest, is fast becoming a worry for authorities, rather than the achievement it was considered at a time when the government feared over-population.

Brookings Institute (2010):

Starting in 2013, such a negative growth rate will reduce the country’s economic growth rate by at least half a percentage point per year. Between 2013 and 2050, China will not fare demographically much better than Japan or Taiwan, and will fare much worse than the United States and France…

…In the past decade, below-replacement fertility has become a new global reality…

…In Europe, North America, and East Asia, prolonged below-replacement fertility has already set in motion a negative population growth momentum.  In the most extreme cases, such as Italy and Japan, population could be reduced by half in as few as 40 years or so if current rates of reproduction persist.

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U.S. Rep. Steve King:

“This is a message over to Europe, over to the Netherlands and Geert Wilders, who does understand this: The birth rates in especially Western Europe… all of Western civilization, have gone down below the replacement rate –with the exception of Israel, they are the only first world country that has a birth rate higher than their death rate,” Kind explained.

“So we have to do something to increase our birth rates, or we will be replaced by people who do not share our values…

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Israel Nation News:

Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Portugal and all the East European countries lie in a disastrous demographic, with just one son per couple, with the balance between deaths and births long compromised and prospects of population decline in the next twenty-thirty years that would alarm the last of the hedonists.

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