Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech

An illuminating discussion from the Canadian media.  It appears that in order to maintain their own identities and integrity, some Canadians (Professor Peterson included) may soon be forced to either use silent pronouns or stop using pronouns altogether:

This is what has happened to “free speech” in Canada so far, and this is only the beginning.  There can be no “freedom of speech” without an underlying worldview from which the right to free speech flows.  Sadly, Canadians have rejected that worldview, and so I am saddened that we are losing the ability to talk, discuss, advocate, or even think:


2 thoughts on “Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech

  1. During the debate on gender pronouns which you have linked to above, a man dressed as a woman, who goes by the name of Theryn Meyer stated that he hoped that Professor Peterson would address him as “she,” and he (Peterson) said he would. This shows clearly that Prof.Peterson has already capitulated to the LGBT lobby. He is to be commended in his opposition to the made-up pronouns such as “ze” and “per” but we think it likely that he will cease his opposition if there was societal consensus around the use of nonsensical words such as “ze.” Professor Peterson is obviously left wing. He just isn’t as far to the left as the social justice warriors (yet.) We write from Northern Ireland. We are Evangelical Christians and we also have a blog. We have written about Prof.Peterson’s case in a post entitled, “O Canada, with heavy heart we see thee fall.” Northern Ireland is also going down rapidly and very few Christians are speaking out. We are not numbered among the silent.


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