Forced to Deny Himself Suffrage

Rev. Fleming M. Foster on why Covenanters do not vote in American elections:

BlueBanner“It is not through lack of interest in government that Covenanters deny themselves the use of the ballot,” he said.  “Nor is it because of what is or what is not in party platforms.  The Democrat who is dissatisfied with the platform of his party may leave his party, and so, also, the Republican.  But the Covenanter has a contention with the Constitution of the Nation — the great platform adopted by all the people as a basis of government; and, as a matter of conscience, is forced to deny himself the right of suffrage under it.  We reject the fundamental principle upon which the Constitution rests, namely, that ‘we the people’ claim to be the source of authority.  This is rejected as untrue in fact and as hurtful in application.”…

“The question resolves itself, finally, into one of allegiance; and the Covenanter declines to give allegiance to a Constitution which is based upon the assumption that ‘we the people’ are supreme and independent of the authority and law of Almighty God.  Therefore we do not vote.”

~”10,000 Will Not Vote,” New York Times, October 22, 1900,


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