Ours is so Cursed

Ward politician haranguing voters by radio“It is, indeed, true that in the present political campaign there are certain issues which skillfully managed must exert a powerful influence over the public mind.  We are willing to confess that we feel this ourselves.  Without giving credit for honesty to brawling politicians, but making up our judgment from well known facts, we must admit that the country has reached a crisis, through which it will require no ordinary skill to guide it in safety.  And it must be admitted also, that those who have the management of its affairs manifest an utter unfitness for the places they occupy.  If ever a country was cursed with incompetent rulers, ours is so cursed.  We can view the present administration in no other light than as a judgment that God has sent on our land for its sins.”

~”The Presidential Contest,” The Reformed Presbyterian, No. 8, October 1856, Volume XX

Source: https://app.box.com/s/2igs8eu091sy0uzfwc6duq64nw5a5x87

HT: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/91051-A-Covenanter-View-of-the-1856-Presidential-Election


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