Sooner a Murderer than a Manstealer

William wilberforce

William Wilberforce

It is often claimed here in Canada that the Bible supports the practice of slavery, usually meaning that Christians somehow think it is okay to kidnap people and put them to forced labour or worse.  This claim is false, as anyone who would spend some time doing a little research would find.  The Protestant William Wilberforce spent his whole life fighting to end the slave trade in Britain and he wasn’t alone in his sentiments.  Here is a quote from another Protestant, Charles Spurgeon, known as the Prince of Preachers, on his view of this type of slavery:

“I do from my inmost soul detest slavery . . . and although I commune at the Lord’s table with men of all creeds, yet with a slave-holder I have no fellowship of any sort or kind. Whenever one has called upon me, I have considered it my duty to express my detestation of his wickedness, and I would as soon think of receiving a murderer into my church . . . as a man stealer”

~(Pike, The Life and Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, p. 331).



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