How Christians Plan on Taking Over Society

Robert Walter Weir - Embarkation of the Pilgrims - Google Art Project

Today I thought I’d expose the means by which real bonafide Bible-believing Christians plan on taking over their societies and even the world.  Here it is:

Our method to effect this goal is to proclaim the truths of God’s word, and rely upon the Holy Spirit to change men’s hearts to follow it. This is in contrast to the methods employed by false religionists, who often use the sword and deceitful machinations. (Source and read more)

That’s it.  Real Christians want to share their beliefs with others and let the chips fall where they may, so to speak.  They don’t want to force other people to convert or to live by their beliefs.  Yet, these are the people increasingly being hounded to the margins of our society by those wishing to use the sword of the law to silence those with whom they disagree.  If the powers that be are increasingly targeting peaceful religionists like the real Christians described above, who bear no ill-will toward anyone, what will be the end for those in our society who may not be so peaceful?  Something to ponder.


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