Alternate Voices From The Transgender Front

I enjoyed these videos on the topic of transgenderism because they gave more insight into the issues transgender people face and the reasons why someone might transition or detransition:

Here is the article from which I pulled these videos in case you want to read it:

Also, here is an interesting article that argues that the concept of “transgender” is a legal concept that is ultimately being used to erase biological reality.  Will we really be better off when society refuses to recognize the inherent biological differences between the sexes?:

A similar argument is made by the Witherspoon Institute:

The transgender movement has never been about “gender.” It’s all about sex. Sex is the real target. “Gender” is merely the politicized linguistic vehicle that facilitates a legal ban on sex distinctions. There aren’t a whole lot of dots to connect to uncover the logic of where this leads: if you abolish sex distinctions in law, you can abolish state recognition of biological family ties, and the state can regulate personal relationships and consolidate power as never before.

Read more:

Do we really want to give the government even more power over our lives?  Something worth thinking about.


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