Examples Persuade (London’s Lamentations)

Dry stone wall under repair - geograph.org.uk - 705236

Thomas Brooks, 1670, London’s Lamentations, The Epistle Dedicatory:

Sir, I have not so learned Christ as to give flattering titles to men, Job 32:22. The little that I have written I have written in the plainness and singleness of my heart, and for your comfort and encouragement in all well-doing, and to provoke all others that shall follow in your place, to write after that fair copy that you have set them, which will be their honor, London’s happiness, and England’s interest. Plutarch said of Demosthenes, that he was excellent at praising the worthy acts of his ancestors—but not so at imitating them. The Lord grant that this may never be made good of any that shall follow you! Carus the emperor’s motto was, “A good leader makes a good follower.” The thought is ancient—that men live not by precept—but by example. Precepts may instruct—but examples persuade. Stories speak of some who could not sleep when they thought of the trophies of other worthies that went before them. The highest examples are very quickening and provoking. Oh, that by all who shall follow you—we may yet behold our city rising more and more out of its ashes in greater splendor and glory than ever yet our eyes have seen it, that all sober citizens may have eminent cause to call them the repairers of the breaches and restorers of our city! [58:12, and 61:4; Amos 9:14; Ezek. 36:33-36, 38.]

Source: http://gracegems.org/Brooks2/london1.htm

Image: michael ely


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