He Abounds In Pity (London’s Lamentations)

Briton Rivière - Una and the Lion

Thomas Brooks, 1670, London’s Lamentations, The Epistle Dedicatory:

It is very observable that Christ is called but once the “Lion of the tribe of Judah” in the book of the Revelation; but he is called a Lamb no less than twenty-nine times in that book. And what is this but to show us the transcendent mercy, clemency, lenience, mildness, and sweetness that is in Jesus Christ, and to show that he is infinitely more inclined to the exercise of mercy than he is to the exercise of justice. It is true, magistrates should be lions in the execution of justice, and it is as true that they should be lambs in the exercise of mercy and clemency, mildness and sweetness. And the more ready and inclinable they are to the exercise of mercy, where mercy is to be showed, the more like Christ the Lamb they are. God is slow to anger, he abounds in pity, though he is great in power, Psalm 68:18, and 103:13-14; Hosea 11:8.

Source: http://gracegems.org/Brooks2/london1.htm


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