Christian Ethnic Homelands

The Tower of BabelFor many today the idea of an “ethnic homeland nation” may seem strange. However, the reality is that the vast majority of nations in world history, and even today, are “ethnic homeland nations”, as defined herein. Denmark is the historic homeland of Danes, Ethiopia is the historic homeland of Ethiopians, and Japan is the historic homeland of Japanese. As Dr. Samuel Huntington observed in his book Who are We?, America itself for most of its history has been a nation for a certain people group, that incorporates within it foreigners who have assimilated into it. This model for the USA has gradually waned though and been replaced by the model of a multicultural global nation. National cohesion as a goal has been replaced by the notion of diversity as a moral imperative for the nation. This model of a multicultural global nation has also been theoretically embraced by various European nations.

The Society is an organization to encourage the establishment of Christian ethnic homelands, by lobbying and other efforts. Secular humanism and multiculturalism are failures rooted in falsehood. They are a following after the principles of ancient Babel. Needed instead are homelands for each ethnic people in which Biblical Christian principles are the law of each homeland, in a form that may be called Biblical ethnic nationalism. This model the Society advocates follows after the example of Old Testament Israel in its moral aspects.

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