“Tenderness Leads to the Gas Chamber”

Adolf Hitler Ich bin Sozialist Monument for the German Labour Front, Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF), 1935Monument for the German Labour Front, Deutschen Arbeidsfront (DAF), Dortmund-Dorstfeld 1935.

Adolf Hitler cited, ‘I’m socialist, because it seems to me incomprehensible, to maintain and treat a machine with care but to leave the finest representatives of the labour, the humans themselves to waste away.’

No doubt the stated intentions are oh-so-pure and oh-so-good, like “liberte, egalite, fraternite.” It’s the sort of compassion Flannery O’Connor wrote of when she noted that “tenderness leads to the gas chamber.” That’s because, at the end of the day, socialism is a manipulative machine of human cruelty powered only by a blind greed for power. It forces people to finely mince their words, or remain silent.

~Stella Morabito, “Socialism’s Bloody History Shows Millennials Should Think Twice Before Supporting It

HT: http://heidelblog.net/2016/03/socialism-the-utopia-that-ends-in-misery/


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