Religion in the News, June 2016

Some recent religion-related headlines that caught my eye:

Anti-Christian movementArchaeologists Discover that Earliest Known Arabic Writing Was Penned by a Christian

Christians, Blacks targeted as hate crimes spike in Peel

Europe ‘to have more Muslims than Christians’: Belgian minister warns Brussels attacks hearing that the continent should not ‘make an enemy of Islam’

Horror as China tears down THOUSANDS of crucifixes in crude bid to eradicate Christianity

Muslim Immigrants Want Swiss to Change the Flag Because it is a Christian Symbol

No, Hitler Was Not a Christian

Penn Jillette: Time for atheists to stand up and be counted

University Poster Campaign Tells Christian Students to ‘Check Their Privilege’

Want To Talk About Jesus? – You Will Need A Permit For That

Why do even atheists still believe in life after death? In an ever more irreligious age, the number of us who believe in heaven is going UP. We asked distinguished thinkers for their take on the curious contradiction


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