Education News, March 2016

Arab School by John Frederick Lewis

Some recent education-related headlines:

Boy, 15, is quizzed by anti-extremist police after deputy headteacher caught him looking up Ukip’s website at school

Carpay: Who are the real bullies in Alberta?

Father’s fury at school who called in social services because son, eight, said he wanted to ‘fight terrorists’ after seeing Syrian refugees on the news

Feds Enlist Schools in War on “Extremist” Children

Fewer students means loss of 100 teaching jobs, Toronto board says

Grammar Guerrilla: Me, Him, Idiocracy, And The Matrix

Jewish students are feeling isolated by a growing tide of anti-Semitism at Britain’s elite universities including Oxford and LSE, new report reveals

Law Graduate Gets Her Day in Court, Suing Law School

Migrant crisis to blame for falling standards in Swedish schools, say officials

Mississippi parents to be graded by teachers

MOBocracy in school

Nursery tries to send Asian boy aged FOUR on a ‘deradicalisation’ programme after he drew a picture of a large knife chopping a cucumber – and staff thought he called the fruit a ‘cooker bomb’

OU Students Pushing for System to Anonymously Report Microaggressions

Outrageous! Public School Students Taught To ‘Pledge Allegiance To An International Flag’

Pupils who get a B grade in A-level maths today would only have scored an E 50 years ago as study shows exams HAVE got easier

RACHEL JOHNSON: Forget bad pupils – we’ve got to expel stoned parents

Teacher at ‘Trojan Horse’ school who criticised ‘ignorant’ Christians and Jews while telling pupils Islam was ‘the true religion’ is allowed to RETURN to the classroom

The gender revolution’s latest move: ‘all-gender cabins’ on school trips

The Intolerant Student Left

The phrase ‘Trojan Horse scandal’ is BANNED in Birmingham because it is ‘unhelpful’ to the city and its schools

Thousands of graduates in low-skilled jobs: One in six accepting employment in coffee shops or call centres because they can’t find work suited to their skills

Thousands of pupils at unregistered schools ‘are at risk of radicalisation because of misogynistic, homophobic and Islamic-focused curriculums,’ experts fear

Wanted in China: More Male Teachers, to Make Boys Men


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