Why Do Christians Eat Shellfish and Wear Mixed-Fibre Clothing?

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Don’t Christians Just Cherry Pick From The Bible?

The answer lies in the type of law addressing each of these issues.  Christians follow the moral law of God, which is eternal, but do not follow the ceremonial or civil laws for Ancient Israel because those laws were for Ancient Israel (which no one now lives in) and have been fulfilled or abrogated by the person and ministry of Christ (ie. the Messiah whom God promised would come and change the terms of the Covenant).

Yinkahdinay explains the three types of law as follows [summary added by this blog]:

The moral law is God’s permanent will for humanity and it’s summarized in the Ten Commandments. The ceremonial law was God’s will for Old Testament Israel [including laws for worship, clean and unclean, etc.]… Under the New Testament, all the ceremonial law has been set aside – fulfilled in Christ, it is not binding on Christians. The civil law [also for Old Testament ancient Israel] …was largely the application of the moral law to Israel’s particular civil context. While there may be and often are lessons to be learned from the civil law, it too is no longer binding upon Christians…

To better understand why Christians are not cherry picking from the Bible when they follow some laws but not others, read the rest of the commentary here: https://yinkahdinay.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/we-distinguish-part-6-moralceremonialcivil/


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