Is the American Constitution Immoral?

Constitution Sesquicentennial 1937 Issue-3c

Mountains and Magnolias summarizes Rev. James R. Willson‘s arguments regarding moral defects in the U.S. Constitution.  Here are some of the key ideas:

First, the constitution is not Christian in nature:

If an instrument of government is based upon the law of God it should follow that no Atheist, Deist, and/or moral degenerate could sign onto it with any integrity. So the reality that there had been no objection to the Constitution itself by these groups gives credence to Willson’s point that it must be the case that the U.S. Constitution is not based on any Biblical foundation.

Second, the Constitution does not exclude the immoral from ruling over the American people:

In the second subheading of this opening point the next principle that Willson wants to highlight is the circumstance that “the administration [of the Federal government] has been in the hands, generally of irreligious, and often immoral men”.

Third, the Constitution facilitates and promotes the spread of sin:

In other words how can people really expect anything other than the proliferation of the malignity of sin when the Constitution and the Federal government at large refuses to recognize the moral law of God.

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Rev. Willson is correct that the American Constitution is not Christian in any sense.  That is why there have been repeated attempts to add a Christian Amendment to the Constitution.  If the American people rejected such an Amendment as early as 1863, there is little to no hope that such an amendment would ever pass today.  I believe the world will have to wait for the destruction of Antichrist before America explicitly owns Christ as its Lord.  May Antichrist’s downfall be swift!*


From “Democrats Are Godless Heathen Tyrant Maniacs Because That’s What Voters Want” by Matt Walsh:

CHAFEE: … There’s an issue of American credibility out there. So any time someone is running to be our leader, and a world leader, which the American president is, credibility is an issue out there with the world. And we have repair work to be done. I think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. That’s how I feel.

COOPER: Secretary Clinton, do you want to respond?



*N.B.  This blog does not adhere to a Futurist interpretation of eschatology and so believes that Antichrist already walks among us.  See The Antipas Chronicles for more information.


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