Sickness Upon the United States

Apocalypse of Angers — the fourth horsemanI have previously written about how “plague,” or sickness, is one of the judgments that God brings upon a rebellious people.  That is not – emphasis NOT – to say that every sickness experienced by every individual person is a judgment upon that individual for their sin.  Remember the example of Job, who suffered although he had no sin, that God may be glorified in him.  Nevertheless, I found this post at Running from Babylon to be interesting:


In the very least, it’s worth mulling over since the United States of America is a nation, among many others, in open rebellion against God.

Sadly, the reaction of most people when under a judgment from God is to dig their heels in and harden their hearts further against Him:

Revelation 16:9:  And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

Here is John Gill’s commentary on the above verse from his Exposition of the Entire Bible:

and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues; plagues or judgments are from God, when and wherever they come; they are sent and inflicted by him, and he can lessen or increase them, continue or remove them, as he pleases; and these, unless sanctified, will not reform men, but harden them, and set them a blaspheming the author of them. And this blasphemy may either respect the nature and perfections of God, charging him with inequality in his ways, and with injustice and unfaithfulness; or the Gospel, and the truths of it, which declare his glory, and his greatness; and which will now have a general spread, to the great mortification and confusion of the followers of antichrist:

and they repented not to give him glory; that is, they did not repent of their wicked deeds, their idolatries, murders, sorceries, fornications, and thefts, as in Revelation 9:20 so as to own and confess them, which is, the meaning of giving glory to God in repentance; see Joshua 7:19. This shows that repentance is not in man’s power, but in the gift of God’s grace; for though he may give space, yet if he does not give grace to repent, no man will repent; nor will any means of themselves produce it; as not the most powerful and awakening ministry, as the ministry of John the Baptist, and of Christ, and of the Gospel preachers that will be in those times, this vial refers to, nor the greatest mercies and favours, so not the severest judgments; see Amos 6:6.


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