Our Modern Ancient-Medieval World

Steuben - Bataille de Poitiers

The Heidelblog makes some interesting observations about the current political climate.  On the one hand, society is reverting to how life was in ancient Rome:

There are striking and growing similarities between our age and the years after the collapse of the Roman empire in the early 5th century. Illiteracy is growing, particularly in urban areas in the USA. Young people graduate from university, having spent more on their schooling than ever before, highly aware of their feelings, but, in objective terms, less aware of history, language, culture, and science than at any time in my life.

Yet, on the other hand, the challenges facing the West as a whole are more akin to those faced during medieval times:

Islamic Jihad is a decidedly medieval phenomenon that, after hundreds of years, was finally repelled by violence on the part of the Christian West. Now, here we are, in the post-Christian, post-Constantinian West, amid growing neo-Paganism (the new Paganism) and apparently growing hostility to orthodox Christianity.

What to make of these times?

Read more here: http://heidelblog.net/2015/12/three-things-i-learned-in-2015/


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