National Calamities are for National Sins

800px-John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_GomorrahJames R. Willson:

“We may therefore enforce the maxim that national calamities are sent to punish national sins, from the [example of the] sufferings of Israel for their sins. If the hand of God is in these late calamities, and who but an atheist will deny it, then he either inflicts for sin, or for no cause. The latter will hardly be asserted by any one who professes to believe in the being and attributes of God. It is the award of the common conscience of all nations, that God punishes with visible judgments, flagrant sins (Acts 28:4)…Hardened sinners in Christian nations appear to be nearly alone in denying our maxim”

The Rev. Benjamin P. Glaser on the current state of America:

We are, as a nation, being held accountable for our corporate sin, regardless of whether our churches theology allows for this to be the case or not. We should respond in the way Willson describes in this work and heed the testimony of our forefathers. Their failure to listen to Willson in 1836 led to the deaths of 800,000 Americans in God’s judgment for man-stealing.

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