Multiculturalism and the Destruction of America

John MacArthur:

Watching education change in America, because I am a college president and I get in on all these things. The death of classic education, the elimination of classic education, is a very, very strategic plan unfolding from liberal educators and has been for about 50 years. It’s called multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is not multi-ethnicity. They’re not talking about letting all different races be educated. They’re talking about raising generations of young people who don’t have a distinct culture.

So, what do you do? You eliminate out of the college curriculum Western Civilization, English History, English Literature, American History, American Literature, American Society, any kind of social aspects of American life. You get rid of the literature, you get rid of the arts. You get rid of anything that’s Americana, the history of America, and you begin to embed in people all kinds of multi-cultures so they have no idea of their heritage. You disconnect them from the past and that’s how you manipulate an entire population and turn a nation into something it has never been.

It’s a very dangerous thing to be isolated. It’s dangerous for the preservation of tradition, but we don’t want to die on the hill of tradition. There’s more in Americana than tradition. There are certain very, very clear-cut moral values that were part of American culture coming from the West, and those are being systematically destroyed.

~MacArthur, John. December 2013. “What Has Happened After the Strange Fire Conference ”. A Chapel address given at The Master’s Seminary, Sun Valley, CA.



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