Michael Savage Warns America

Michael Savage utters words with which anyone familiar with the biblical doctrine of national judgment can agree:

Now why am I mentioning “God Sees The Truth But Waits?”  Why am I mentioning a piece of literature?  Because I am warning you as I sit here.  I have an instinct for this.  Unless this country is righted by the people themselves, we are liable to see something so terrible in this country you could never imagine it.  And that something terrible could be a new Hitler.  You say it could not happen here?  The Germans never thought a Hitler could rise out of nowhere.  And look what happened there.

Now why do you think Hitler rose in Germany?  Because the Communists were running naked, rampant in the streets (excuse me).  They were beating people up.  They were suppressing any speech they didn’t like.  They were street thugs.  And you’re not going to believe this and you’re not going to like what you hear, but the Brownshirts were gangs that were formed to control the Communist street thugs, who were threatening the average German.  Did you know that?  And look what that turned into.  Look what that turned into in Germany.  Look at the nightmare that evolved.  Because the Communists were out of control.

And so I go back again to the disorder that was portrayed in that story, “God Sees The Truth But Waits,” I think it was a short story I read in College, by Thomas Mann, and that scene on the trolley car.  Does that not express to you what’s going on in America today?… A society can only take disorder for so long and eventually something happens.  There is a reaction…  Somebody is going to come along and counter this meltdown of our nation.  I don’t know who it’s going to be but it will happen.  These bullies will be stopped in their tracks.  They have to be stopped in their tracks or we’re all finished.  It’s that simple.

~The Savage Nation, June 10, 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH5PV3L9btY, at 1:11:46 and following

I believe Savage may have his title and/or author mixed up since “God Sees the Truth but Waits” was written by Tolstoy as far as I know.  Nevertheless, his point remains.


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