Men Are Disposable?

“It is almost entirely men who keep the lights on, water running, and planes from falling out of the sky.  Our comfortable, mostly smooth operating and safe existence is built and maintained almost entirely by men.  If men walked away from the job for 3 days, we would be 3 years cleaning up the mess.  It takes a particular brand of narcissism to be able to sit in a climate controlled office building or stand on a stage in front of a national audience (or university classroom), and claim that an entire class of people over 90% of whom build and maintain the whole shebang are candidates for the scrapyard… The irony is that those feminists making this claim do so enabled by a level of comfort, convenience, and safety provided almost exclusively by men, making it where most women will go through their entire lives never having to perform even once the types of tasks necessary to keep the food moving from farm to grocery store or even to see that work as its happening.  Most of us are so divorced psychologically from the absolutely necessary labor of mostly men. It’s like we believe that box of cereal just magically appeared on the shelf.  Women are net consumers of the product, the product being our safe comfortable and convenient plentiful society.  Its manufacturers are almost completely men.  Disposable indeed.”

—-Karen Straughan



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